A video of Ithaca Valley Girl’s spouse, Bimbo, demonstrating around shops barefoot as of late has surfaced.

A video of IVD’s late wife, Bimbo, wandering about the market barefoot has surfaced. In the video, which was taken on a phone camera, Bimbo is seen walking around the market stalls, looking confused and disoriented. IVD has confirmed that the woman in the video is indeed his late wife, and he has expressed his shock and disbelief that she was allowed to wander around unsupervised.

One of those days during the idd, Bimbo will go Barefooted to the market square in the morning as part of her sacrifice routine, as well as with her camera and tell people it is a video shoot and it ‘s cultural video but we are aware it is a portrayal of Mbps inside the matter know. She will then post the photo herself before bloggers will call her idd spouse noticed in the marketplace place Barefooted.